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Welcome to the Athens County Child Advocacy Center

The CAC provides services for child sexual abuse victims and their families in a child-friendly environment, which serves as a centralized location for interviewing and examining children who are victims of sexual abuse.

The children are interviewed by specially-trained forensic Ohio University College of Health Sciences and Professionsinterviewers, and the cases are managed by a multidisciplinary team comprised of Athens County Children's Services, Athens
 County prosecutors, local law enforcement officers, mental health workers, victim advocates, and medical professionals.

The goal of the center is to minimize the stress for the child and family and maximize
 the quality of the investigation. This coordination of services will assist victims and their families to receive immediate assistance, remain engaged in the treatment process, and remain engaged in the prosecution process. The CAC also provides community education and outreach.

Goals of the CAC

  • To reduce the number of multiple interviews for victims of child
    United Appeal for Athens Countysexual abuse by doing a forensic interview
  • To increase child safety by conducting forensic interviews and medical examinations
  • To increase the success of prosecution of those who sexually abuse children
  • To support the victim and non-offending family members by offering better coordinated services, such as medical exams, forensic interviews, and victim assistance
  • To increase the effectiveness of services to child abuse victims
  • To reduce the child abuse victim's trauma and expedites recovery
  • To prevent further child abuse through community education

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